Our references

B.M.C is glad to number among its clients Treviso's Benetton, several shopping malls, e.g. "CENTRO GIOTTO" and "LE PIRAMIDI" in Vicenza, and many hospitals.
Below is a list of just some of B.M.C's jobs that we are proud to mention:
Net Center Padova
New warehouse GEOX (Treviso)
New offices of the Province of Treviso, S. Artemio
Manufacturing plant and warehouses GEOX (Treviso)
Benetton plant (Treviso)
Crematory plant of the cemetery of Venice
Sports facilities in Piove di Sacco
Marangoni's Pneumatic factory in Feltre
Padua's shopping mall "CENTRO GIOTTO"
Vicenza's shopping mall "LE PIRAMIDI"
Verona's shopping mall "SOMMACAMPAGNA"
Verona's newsroom "L'Arena"
Museum of Natural Science in Venice
University of Trieste
Boatyard in Viareggio
Telecom Padua
Telecom Merano
Wiurer Venting system plant in Bressanone
Pittarello footwear center in Turin
Ca'rossa estate agent in Mestre (Venice)
Town theater in Adria (Rovigo)
Rest home in Villorba (Treviso)
OSDRAM plant (Treviso)
Theater in Legnago (Verona)
Coni swimming pools (Vicenza)
Zambon pharmaceutical industry
WURTH plants (in Verona and Bolzano)
Steel mill in Valbruna (Vicenza)
Fassa Bortolo (in Treviso and Florence)
Central post office (Bologna)
Refinery warehouse Q8 (Rome)
Civil airport (Treviso)
Sceriman building "Regione Veneto" (Venice)
Refinery Q8 warehouse Q8 (Roma)
Nordica's plant and warehouse
Cogeneration and trigeneration plant – Tim and Telecom (Padua)
Synchrotron cogeneration plant – Institute of Nuclear Physics of Trieste
Vegetable oil-fueled cogeneration central – Conselve (Padua)
GEOX new logistics office – Trevignano (Treviso)
We work in the naval field in the following boatyards: "Vittoria" in Adria (Rovigo), Chioggia (Venice), "Visentin" in Porto Viro (Rovigo)
Mr. Missoni's private house in Varese
Porsche branch in Padua and Rovigo
Ferrari branch in Padova
Dal Molin military base in Vicenza
Trecenta (Rovigo)
S.Bonifacio (Verona)
Cittadella (Padova)
Bassano del grappa
Noventa Vicentina
Piove di sacco (Padova)
Adria (Rovigo)
Montebelluna (Treviso)